South Tyrol

The magic of diversity

South Tyrol: a truly great small country, which is home to its roughly 500,000 inhabitants speaking German, Italian or Ladinic as their mother tongues. Three different languages and three different cultures interact in South Tyrol in a charming and harmonious way. South Tyrol boasts enormous diversity. Lively towns looking back on a long history while presenting a modern face co-exist with pretty communities and villages in beautiful settings in the midst of rolling valleys or perched on high mountains. Every season has its typical festivities and customs, which are in most cases closely linked to the calendar of the Catholic Church. Another expression of rural traditions and customs are the different crafts which are still practised in many places. Museums invite visitors to take a look back into the past where they can see the Ice Age exhibit “Oetzi”, which caused a worldwide sensation, and also discover there sagas, fairy tales and characters from fantasy.