Ski & Nordic

Ultimate skiing fun

When winter hits South Tyrol, when the country and its mountains are blanketed by snow, South Tyrol radiates with enchanting beauty, which attracts skiers, snowboarders and lovers of nature alike. The white winter panorama unfolds, with pistes for all those who love skiing, from the easy to the demanding, a holiday environment that ensures well-being. All this in brilliant sunshine on most days, as South Tyrol is located on the sunny side of the Alps. Those who do not find skiing sufficiently spectacular can simply throw themselves into the half-pipe: cool loops and acrobatic performance are guaranteed. In South Tyrol you will understand the saying: the wider the choice, the greater the dilemma. You will be surrounded by charm, by smiles, and be far from the rat race of larger ski circuses.

Into a winter dream and back again

No interest in magic zigzags or hair-raising loops ? In that case we recommend trying a cross-country ski trip. Well-prepared cross-country trails take you past snow-covered forests and alpine huts, through the crystal-clear beauty of nature. Aficionados of Nordic skiing will find their eldorado in South Tyrol.

Traces in the snow

A new version of wintertime pleasure, snowshoe hiking is enjoying a renaissance and has emerged as a trendy alternative sport. Snowshoe hiking is an outdoor experience at its most original. It can be learnt easily by everyone and is also suitable as a group sport for families with children. This discipline can be practised as an easy-going and calm exercise, but equally as an energy-consuming and adventurous activity. At any rate, you will take giant steps in search of pleasure.